Lessons on Writing skills from the Textbook Greek for you A2


Lessons on Writing skills
From the textbook Greek for you A2 Greek – English Level A2

Authors: Evangelia Georgantzi, Lina Vaska-Paidoussi, Eleana Raftopoulou
Language: Greek – English
Publisher: NEOHEL
Form: Digital edition (pdf)
Pages: 22

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Greek for you A2 – Textbook Level A2
Lessons on Writing skills

In the 12 writing skills lessons that follow, the students will develop the strategies that will help them to improve their writing skills on all the thematic units of level A2. Before the students start writing their own texts, we propose to them:

  • specific writing samples
  • drafts on how to develop the topics
  • all the vocabulary that is relevant

With the above tools the students, but also the teachers, may acquire a guide on which they can base their practice on writing skills on any topic relevant to the thematic units of level A2.