Mikros Asterias The Naughty Blue Cat (Book 1)


Evangelia Georgantzi

Series for learning Greek as a foreign language for children

LEVEL: Beginners

Textbook + Exercises

72 colourful pages


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The Naughty Blue Cat is a series of short stories in which the main character is the Blue Cat (the Letterhero for the letter Γ).

The plot of the stories is simple and the environment in which they take place is the imaginary world of the Lettercountry, where they co-exist people, animals and elves.

The vocabulary is basic, the letter font is large and easy to read, since the texts are addressed to children that have just acquired the reading skill.

This series can be also read by parents to children pre-school.

The variety of illustrations, the innocent mischief’ s of the Blue Cat, the structure of each story that includes a text, a play scene, and various activities, make the stories a challenge for the young readers to discover the wonderful world of reading. The new words and the comprehension questions are translated in English at the bottom of each page.

Free on YouTube, Neohel Playlist

  • Letteheroes, 38 songs


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