Our Greek Songs A2


Our Greek songs

From the textbook Greek for you A2

Greek – English

Level A2

Writers: Evangelia Georgantzi, Eleana Raftopoulou, Lina Vaska-Paidoussi

Language: Greek – English

Publisher: NEOHEL

Form: Digital edition (pdf)

Pages: 18

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Our Greek songs

from the Textbook Greek for you A2

For the 13 songs of level A2 the teacher will discover a pleasant way to activate the listening and reading skills of the students. For every song, there is a short history and an exercise – the lyrics of the song with blanks for the students to fill in while listening to it. The specific exercises aim at revising the thematic units of level A2, and at learning the specific vocabulary, pronunciation, phonetics and so forth. The sound tracks are available in their original recordings in our YouTube account and also in prose in our SoundCloud account.