2.14. LETTERHEROES – Textbook + Exercises


Price: 10.00 €
Duration of use: 15 months
Level: Early Beginners
Writer: Evangelia Georgantzi
Language: Greek – English
Publisher: NEOHEL
Format: Digital version + audio material (it’s NOT a pdf file, nondownloadable, work online on platform)
Pages: Textbook 106 pages

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AREA 2. Series: Mikros Asterias/Letterheroes (I learn the Greek letters) – Modern Greek for children 4/5 years old

The MATERIAL 2.14. Letterheroes (I learn the Greek letters) includes: The Textbook + Exercises per two pages with integrated the audio material (38 songs).

For digital board, tablet, PC, long distance teaching. A useful tool for teachers & students