Greek for you A1 – Interactive version


AREA 1. Series: Greek for you
For students of Greek as a foreign / second language

A. Greek for you A1. Digital interactive version
MATERIAL 1.1. Greek for you A1
Textbook A1 &; Exercise book A1.
Bilingual learning series of Greek as a foreign/second language.
For teenagers and adults.

ATTENTION! All students, regardless of first language, can use the
interactive format of the book Greek for you A1 in the English version,
because having the printed book in their first language (French, German,
Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Albanian) they have translated everything
in L1. The interactive version works in the same way for everyone because
the Greek material of each version is exactly the same.
In addition, in an intercultural classroom, both students and teachers are
facilitated in learning and teaching, because everyone uses the same book
but everyone has the version in the language that serves them as L1.

Price: 25.00 €
Duration of use: 15 months
Level: A1
Writers: Evangelia Georgantzi, Eleana Raftopoulou, Lina Vaska-Paidoussis
Language: Greek – English
Publisher: NEOHEL
Format: Digital interactive version (it’s NOT a pdf file, nondownloadable, work online on platform, non printable)
Pages: Student book 288 pages.
Exercise book 312 pages

SKU: e-learnA1

The MATERIAL 1.1. Greek for you A1 includes in the interactive form:
1. The Textbook A1 per two pages with integrated the audio material
2. The Workbook A1 with 630 interactive exercises. After each exercise there is the possibility for the student to see the solution, as well as the score of each exercise, so that he can check his exercise. There is also the possibility of deleting and repeating the exercise as well as sending the solved exercise via e-mail to a selected email address.

Vocabulary check: In the interactive form of the material the vocabularies appear once with the Greek column completed and the English blank for completion and alternatively with the English completed and the Greek for completion. The student is required to complete the translation in writing either from Greek to his first language or from his first language to Greek.
After completing the exercise, the vocabulary is displayed with the two columns completed as it is in the book, so that the student can check if his translation is correct. For students with a different L1 than English, the translation of the vocabulary can only be done from Greek to their language.
The check is done using their printed book where the vocabularies are translated into their L1 (first language).

Completion of the audio material: In the student’s book the texts for which there is audio material have the symbol of the audio with the number of the
track that corresponds to them. For the digital interactive material, additional recordings were made so that all the texts have audio material. This also helps students who study on their own.

Aids for asynchronous use of the material: 1. Audio material: correct
pronunciation of all texts 2. Translation. They are translated: a. the vocabulary and expressions of all the texts b. the rules of grammar c. The orders of the exercises. 3. Key book. The solutions of the exercises appear for check.

With these tools the student can become autonomous in learning the Greek language and consults a teacher only for questions.