This set of books is the outcome of many years’ work with foreign students of Greek. It has been tested at all levels. It follows the audiovisual approach with appropriate images and CDs. The whole series covers approximately 12.000 lexical items coming from both basic Greek vocabulary and writings by contemporary Greek authors.

The whole material covers approximately 3400 pages. The illustrations are rich and full of imagination and contribute to the memorization of dialogues, new words, expressions and drills.

The material is presented in such a way as to enable drills, language laboratory exercises and written exercises. The language used in a middle-of-the-road clear “demotiki”. It is our belief that this series can be effectively used as basic programme of students working towards the first, second and the advanced (third and forth) Official Certificate in Modern Greek.

The method (part 3 and 4) is a product of the EU programme SOCRATES and YOUTH – LINGUA. One of the primary goals of the LINGUA programme is to finance projects, aiming to create teaching material of the highest level both in terms of product quality and scientific merit. The series Modern Greek for foreigners is a product that fulfills the LINGUA programme’s goals.

In collaboration with:

INALCO (Paris – France) Institut de Langues et Civilisations Orientales – Department of Modern Greek

UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM (Birmingham – UK). Department of Byzantine, Ottoman, and Modern Greek Studies.

UNIVERSITAD COMPLUTENSE DE MADRID (Madrid – Spain) Instituto de idiomas de la Facultad de Filologia.



Level 1


Greek for Foreigners. NeoHel Publications


Book 1

Work Book 1

Key Book 1

CD 1, 2, 3

Level 2


Greek for Foreigners. NeoHel Publications


Book 2

Work Book 2

Key Book 2

CD 4, 5, 6

Literature texts (Selection of texts and poems by Greek authors with vocabulary notes)

Vocabulary 1 + 2 (A useful manual for every student, with alphabetically classified words translated in four languages: French, English, German, Italian with the meaning they have in the text.)

Level 3

Advanced I

Greek for Foreigners. NeoHel Publications


Book 3

Work Book 3

Key Book 3

CD 7, 8, 9, 10

Level 4

Advanced II

Greek for Foreigners. NeoHel Publications


Book 4

Work Book 4

Key Book 4

CD 11, 12, 13, 14

3 Vocabulary (English, French, Spanish)