2.2.LETTERHEROES – 13 Songs


Duration of use: Unlimited
Material: Online
Level: A1
Writers: Evangelia Georgantzi
Language: Greek
Publisher: NEOHEL
Format: Video
Pages: 13 videos


13 Videos with animation, 13 songs with the Letterheroes, one song for each of the 13 pairs of letters, vowels & consonants (αι, ει, οι, ου, 2-αυ, ευ, μπ, ντ, τσ, τζ, γγ, γκ), For children from 5 to 10 years old.

It includes 13 videos, with each Letterhero animating in its own unique environment.The pair of letters represented by each Letterhero is highlighted following the flow of the song.

The music, the vivid colors and the flow of the song will help children memorize it in a fun and interactive manner.