A Samarakis: Novels


Editors: Sappho Mavroulia, Marili Vrontissi

Series of books Texts in Easy Greek

LEVEL: Intermediate / A2

Short Stories by Antonis Samarakis

96 pages


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This book is the first of the series Texts in Easy Greek and includes 5 short stories by Antonis Samarakis: 2 short stories from the book Arnoumai (I deny/refuse): Episode and Some occurrence and 3 short stories from the book Zititai Elpis (Asking for hope): The river, Blond knight, and the Zititai Elpis.

The texts are in their original form. At the bottom of each page the difficult words are explained using simpler words in Greek. For some more complicated words there are drawings at the end of the book.

In the beginning of the book the reader can go through the life and work of the writer, and the cultural and political events of the era.

The cover is designed by Alexis Kyritsopoulos.

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