Simulation Tests 5 & 6 according to the Certification of Attainment in Greek & Key book


2 Full Simulation Ellinomatheia Tests 5 & 6 & Key book

Level A1

Writers: Evangelia Georgantzi, Lina Vaska-Paidoussi

Language: Greek

Publisher: NEOHEL

Form: Digital edition (pdf)

Pages: 69

SKU: Dig-A1-sim-tests-5-6
Tests for the Certification of Attainment in Greek

In the 2 full tests designed according to the Exams for the Certification of Attainment in Greek level A1, you will find original material that can help the students prepare the Exams in all four language skills:

● Reading ● Listening ● Writing ● Speaking

The students will be marked for each exercise / skill. The Key book is attached in the test and you may find the track number of the sound material next to each exercise of the Listening part of the test, and the link in the beginning of each test.

The tests are based on the exact format of the Ellinomatheia exams as designed by the Centre for the Greek Language (KEG). They are marked in 100 – 25 marks for each skill.

The tests cover all the thematic units and they concern the communication skills as well as the glossary and the grammatical and other structural elements of A1 level. They constitute an efficient assessment tool that the teacher can use to prepare the students for the exams in the classroom but it can be also used by the students who opt for self-study, because they can use these tests as a self-assessment tool.