ASTERIAS 1 – Greek – French / Vocabulary


Evangelia Georgantzi

Series of books for learning Greek as a foreign language for children

LEVEL: Beginners


176 pages

ISBN: 960-7307-16-X

SKU: 960-7307-16-x

The Vocabulary 1 is not just a glossary companion, but also a workbook with various activities. The children build up their own vocabulary bank with new words from each unit, translating from their first language (L1) to the second/foreign language (L2) or vice versa. In addition, they fill out 10 double pages at the end of the book. Each double page includes words with blanks for their matching stickers, in order for the students to create a thematic vocabulary units, e.g. The clothes I wear, The animals I love etc. In this way, children increase their vocabulary in a creative way, by matching words with pictures with the use of stickers and writing/ copying the Greek words or their translations. The vocabulary of Asterias 1 comprises 1000 words and expressions.

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