ASTERIAS 1b – Exercises


Evangelia Georgantzi

Series of books for learning Greek as a foreign language for children

LEVEL: Beginners


80 pages

ISBN: 960-7307-29-1

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The written exercises are supplementary material to the textbook. They are addressed to those who want to develop both writing and speaking skills at the same time, as, in the Textbooks Asterias 1a and Asterias 1b, it is the speaking skill that is mainly addressed.

The writing exercises include the following types:

  1. reinforcement of grammatical and syntactical phenomena
  2. reading & writing
  3. reinforcement of the new words & expressions
  4. reading comprehension
  5. writing skills, etc.

Free on line (Downloads):

  • Teacher’s book 1 (1a & 1b)
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