Culture Folders

From the Textbook Greek for you A2

Listening skills – Reading skills

Authors: Evangelia Georgantzi     Lina Vaska-Paidoussi       Eleana Raftopoulou

Language: Greek – English
Publisher: NEOHEL
Form: Digital edition (pdf)
Pages: 19

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Culture Folders
From the textbook Greek for you A2
Greek – English

In each of the three units of level A2, topics related to culture will familiarize the students with various topics from Greece of today and the past, such as literature, geography, Easter customs and spring celebrations, and a taste of Cretan culture. In addition, there is a very useful time line of the Greek history assembled by our collaborator, professor Κ. Bourazelis.

In this way, the students complement their knowledge on Greek reality and the mentality of the people. After they listen to the sound material on line, the students read the texts with the support of the glossaries and fill out the exercises.