Greek For You Textbook A0 (Greek-English)


Εvangelia Georgantzi – Εleana Raftopoulou
Βilingual series for learning Modern Greek as a foreign language for adolescents and adults
LEVEL: Early beginners
TextBook + Exercises + audio material online
160 coloured pages
ISBN: 978-960-7307-66-8

SKU: 978-960-7307-66-8

Textbook Greek for you A0 is a part of the bilingual series for learning Modern Greek as a foreign language Greek for you for adolescents and adults. This bilingual material makes the classroom teaching easier, while at the same time it can be used for self-teaching.

The series Greek for you is addressed to: 1. Students in universities abroad, 2. High schools students, 3. Immigrants in Greece, 4. Greek immigrants returning to Greece, as well as Greeks of 2nd, 3rd etc. generation abroad.

Textbook A0 aims at the systematic teaching of reading, writing, accentuation, pronunciation  is addressed to early beginners and students at levels A1 to C2 who have difficulties in the above mentioned language skills.

The material conforms to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the requirements set by the Centre of the Greek Language for the Greek Language Certification (Ellinomatheia). The Textbook A0 contains 175 exercises with answer keys and is supported by audio material and supplementary exercises e-learning in the platform eFront via 

The CD mp3 is no longer available. You can download the sound material here:


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