Duration of use: Unlimited
Material: Free to download
Level: A1
Writers: Evangelia Georgantzi
Language: Greek
Publisher: NEOHEL
Format: PDF
Pages: 34 pages

The level A1 curriculum includes:
1. The 10 mayor Thematic Units, source of the thematic material for the level A1 and the topics that have been used for the communicative objectives of the A1 level.
2. A Summary table of the Level A1 grammatical phenomena.
3. The repartition in the 25 Steps of the book: a. of the 10 Thematic Units, b. of the communicative objectives c. of the thematic vocabularies d. of the grammatical phenomena.
4. The geographical cultural and sociolinguistic elements of the Book Greek for you A1.
With this material the teacher has a complete and thorough view of the material that must be covered at level A1.
An illustrated material in Power Point format about the elements of Greek culture included in the Text book A1, completes the A1 Curriculum.