Duration of use: Unlimited

Material: To download
Level: A1
Writers: Evangelia Georgantzi
Language: Greek
Publisher: NEOHEL
Format: P.P. / Digital interactive version
Pages: 307 pages

A 260-page material, that brings to life the book Mikros Asterias by using it in an interactive whiteboard. Additional pages with more exercises are inserted between the pages of the book, in order to reinforce the vocabulary and its communicative objectives.

An audio material (92 tracks) has been incorporated in the PP material which enlivens the texts. 

 In parallel children develop reading and writing skills that are key objectives of this book. Mikros Asterias contains a basic material that prepares children to continue with the Asterias series, having built sound foundations in reading, writing, pronunciation and accentuation skills. 

For teachers, classroom/digital board and distance learning.