Texts for Listening and Reading – English


From the textbook Greek for you A1
Greek – English
Level A1

Writers: Evangelia Georgantzi, Eleana Raftopoulou, Lina Vaska-Paidoussi
Language: Greek – English
Publisher: NEOHEL
Form: Digital edition (pdf)
Pages: 122

Κωδικός προϊόντος: Dig-Reading-Comp01-Eng

This digital edition includes: the 54 texts for listening and reading comprehension from the textbook Greek for you A1+ the corresponding listening material + 2 new exercises per text (one comprehension exercise and one vocabulary exercise) that are not included in the textbook. Please note that there are no corresponding exercises for the texts – poems: 18. 19. & 20. of Unit 3.

These texts belong to 3 different units. Each unit is divided in two parts:

a. Texts + vocabulary translated in English
b. Exercises
c. Key book at the end of the file

You may use these texts for:

  • Reading comprehension, if the students read the texts first, and then fill in the exercises.
  • Listening comprehension, if the students listen to the oral material first, then fill out the exercises, and at the end check the answers while reading the text.

The sound tracks of the book are in:


Also available in Greek – French & Greek – Russian