ASTERIAS 4 – Pupil’s book (One volume)


Evangelia Georgantzi

Series of books for learning Greek as a foreign language for children

LEVEL: Advanced

Textbook + Exercises

180 colourful pages

ISBN: 960-7307-37-2

SKU: 960-7307-37-2

In  Asterias 4 the material touches upon topics that require a more abstract vocabulary, thus introducing the students to a more advanced level of learning the Greek language.

The basic thematic units are completed with more demanding topics, such as personality traits, behavior, tourism and traveling, debate and argumentation, violence, traffic, accidents, the pros and the cons of the life in the city and in the country et al. A wider area of topics include ecology and the environment, politics and racism, European consciousness, the peaceful co-existence of people, technology (machines, mobile telephony, malfunction of appliances, etc.) edition of a magazine, et al.

Authentic extracts from the Greek literature and a variety of cultural topics complete the material. At the end of the book there are two extra topics: Greece today and Greek history from 3000 BC until today with multiple choice exercises.  In Asterias 4 the focus is on the special features of the Greek syntax and the «difficult» phenomena of the Greek grammar. All the exercises are included in the textbook. In conclusion, Asterias 4 completes a series of material that also smells Greece!

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Asterias 4

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