Mikros Asterias Sentences to Colour-In-2 Volumes (English)


E. Georgantzi

Series of books for learning Greek as a foreign language for children

LEVEL: Early beginners

Spiral book (2 volumes)

72 + 77 pages

ISBN: 960-7307-55-0

SKU: 960-7307 -55-0

The Sentences to colour-in is an alternative way to approach the cognition of letters, the words and the phrases, with the aim to familiarize the children with the letters of the Alphabet and the development of the reading and writing skills.

The 212 sentences are chosen from the material of the book Mikros Asterias and constitute supplementary material. It is a useful tool for the teacher, who by proposing various ways of colouring, may put emphasis on the new letters, on the division of words into syllables, or into emphasizing a specific grammatical phenomenon.

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